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Brenda Carter 
State Representative District 29


"What motivates Brenda Carter? Brenda Carter will do all she can for the children of Pontiac as an elected official of the Pontiac School Board. Her leadership and dedication in all she strives for is proven with a successful track record. A vote for Brenda Carter is a vote for every child's future and success in the Pontiac School District." ~ Amelia Canty Barbour

“It is essential that we prepare all of our students for the new world economy and information age in order to remain competitive worldwide. Elect Brenda Carter to the Pontiac School Board and everyone wins! Brenda is not one to sit on the sidelines and complain about things, she takes action! Students can count on Brenda for a safe and supportive learning environment, as well as a knowledgeable and competent work force. Brenda will solicit input from the community in order to provide better transparency with constituents. She believes in academic excellence and knows what it takes to succeed. As a retired engineer, mother, wife, sister, aunt, grandmother, cousin and friend, Brenda wants to dedicate her knowledge and experience to the students and the community - so no child is left behind. If you want positive change and a promising future for our children, elect Brenda Carter to the Pontiac School Board on Tuesday, November 2, 2010!”


Tonya Morris

"I have known, worked with, brainstormed critical issues, and relied on Brenda Burgess-Carter for unbiased, supportive advice for most of her adult life.

I have never known Brenda to approach or tackle any situation without giving it her all.  Her passion for youth, justice and life in general, rivals none. 
These stellar attributes which Brenda possess would be an asset not easily found in any person running for this office.  My vote is definitely for Brenda
Burgess-Carter for the school board."

Carolyn E. Priester
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